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About Us

Central Overseas is one of the leading manpower & recruiting agent in Bangladesh. Our office is located in the heart of the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are registered and approved as a recruiting agent with the Ministry of Ministry of expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment and our license number is
RL 112. We are the professionals who could supply the right candidates to meet your job specifications. Central Overseas and our associate agencies have well experienced staff to screen, perform trade test and select personnel at their respective job sites for construction as well as other categories, Central Overseas makes use of the latest management technique and is fully equipped and staffed to provide consultancy and associate services in the area of manpower supply.

At Central Overseas, We believe in success and prosperity with a motto- Only quality work can ensure progress.

The most important contributor to a nation’s growth is its human resources, the efficiency and quality of a country’s manpower is the key yardstick to measure the progress.

Bangladesh, with her manpower resources is playing an important role in the economic growth around the world. This has created enormous enthusiasm among the recruiting agencies in Bangladesh to provide professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and general workers to the countries abroad. Central Overseas is one of them.

Since the very inception of Central Overseas, we have been extending our sincere efforts, hard labor and honesty of purpose to provide services to our principals to their utmost satisfaction. This gives us with the competitive edge in the industry and sustaining a profound name among the elite class of industry. We have our valued clients around the globe United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Libya. In the light of our experience, command over this business and through countrywide network and comprehensive enriched updated data bank, we can meet every requirement of any/all of our valuable clients.