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Why Bangladesh

The impact of globalization on the world economy is becoming increasingly all- pervasive. Its positive impact is no longer confined to the developed countries. Even a developing country like Bangladesh, with its weak economy, is looking at globalization to strengthen its base. In the last decade, cross border movement of people across nations, especially the movement of skilled and the unskilled labour from developing to developed countries has resulted in significant increases in the incomes of the former through remittances of foreign exchange by their overseas citizens. This phenomenon has given a boost to the economies of the developing nations. Bangladesh has an edge over many other developing countries in its abundance of human resources. This has resulted in its emergence as a key global player as a source country for the supply of manpower to the developed nations.

Bangladeshi workers are generally loyal, reasonable, dedicated, reliable and hard working. They respond admirably well to kind treatment and just dealings but at the same time they are conscious of their self-respect.  They are religious and are proud of their heritage & culture.

They are quick in their uptake and are always willing to learn and acquire more skills so increase their productivity. They are adaptable and can adjust quickly to climatic and socio environmental conditions.

Bangladeshi workers are physically and psychologically best suited to for working abroad. The performance of Bangladeshi workers in abroad will vouch for their qualities and capacity. In fact they have tested and are maintaining a record of which we are proud and the Employers consider them as the best.

The availability of manpower in Bangladesh is in excess of its national needs or its capacity to absorb. So Bangladesh is in a benevolent position of helping other developing/developed countries where acute shortage of manpower is a stumbling block for implementation of development plans.