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Message From Managing Partner

Central Overseas has occupied the front ranking position in the field of human resources export from Bangladesh. We are proud of our contribution to this sector we made over a decade and a half since its establishment in the year 2018. The company has played a significant role not only in the field of exporting the human resources but also in developing the skills of the personnel in other sophisticated fields.

Central Overseas provides a complete range of services to the job-seeking people who intend to be employed outside Bangladesh. Besides orientation of the workforce, we also provide them the basic knowledge of the rules, regulations and customs of the countries of their employment. Our managers and supervisors have a complete range of knowledge and experience in this matter.

Our policy is to ensure a high level of skill in the workforce to be employed abroad. We use the latest managerial and planning techniques to maintain high productivity. Our clients have been well satisfied. The large number of repeat orders bears testimony to this.

I sincerely hope that the Central Overseas will continue to giveĀ  ffective services and lasting satisfaction to our clients and live up their expectations in the days to come.

Best wishes.


Mohammad Abul Basar