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Mobilization At a Glance

i) Preliminary selection: Preliminary selection is made on receipt of initial intimation from the employers as to the type and number of personnel.

ii) Permission: On receipt of Demand Letter (duly attested by Bangladesh Embassy), from employers, permission is taken from ministry of labor and manpower, Government of Bangladesh. – Time required: 2 days.

iii) Final Selection: Thorough interviews are taken at the pre-selection and final selection of workers in the specific skill as per requirement of the employer. Time required for final selection: 7 days from receipt of the official order from the employers.

iv) Medical fitness Test: All the selected workers must go through mandatory medical test by clinics/doctors, authorized by the Embassy of the country of employment.

Time required: 3days.

V) Passport: For those workers who do not possess valid Passport, a new Passport is arranged.

Time Required: 3 days.

vi) NOC Application documents

(If block visa is not available):

Relevant papers & documents for Noc application are dispatched to employers along with the following:

* Passport(Photocopies)

* Trade Test approval copy and medical fit card.

* Photographs & Bio-Data of the selected workers.

* List of selected workers.

–Time required: 1day

vii) Receipt of Visa advice from employers: The visa advice sent by the employers needs to be authenticated by the relevant and competent authority or the country of employment.

viii) Visa endorsement:

On receipt of visa advice from relevant authorities, passports are submitted to the relevant Embassy in Dhaka for Visa stamping including dispatch itinerary. required: 4 to 5 days.Time required: 4 to 5 days.

(ix) Flight Booking

Booking is arranged for the selected workers and the itinerary is advised to the employers.

Time required: 3 days

(x) Dispatch of workers: On receipt of visa from the Embassies, the personnel are sent to the respective country as per schedule advised to the employer along with necessary documents as advised.

Advice sent before2/3 days of dispatch.

(xi) Dispatch confirmation: Employers are advised immediately as to the departure of the workers with full flight numbers and other details.

(xii) Required period of dispatch: After receipt of NOC (Visa advice) for the workers from the employer, BEL can dispatch the workers within 10/15 days.